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On 20 April, 2019 in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan the drawing exhibition “Understanding Museum” of children with special educational needs was held, dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the museum.

At the exhibition “Understanding Museum”, children drew a golden man, a yurt, a dombyra, a kobyz, the bird Samruk, a space rocket, animals, especially horses and etc. In total, the exhibition features 30 drawings of children from the following institutions: Special boarding school № 1 of Akimat in Nur-Sultan, Special school №2 of Akimat in Nur-Sultan, gymnasiums №10, № 65, № 83, and also children from the Public funds "Solar World", "Society" Spinabifida ", Public Association" Heritage ".

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Junior Researcher of the Department of Museum Pedagogy and Children's Creativity of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, coordinator of the social project “Meirim” Zukhra Bayanova:  

“Children with special educational needs are frequent visitors to the museum. We invite them to excursions, master classes, museum lessons, exhibitions, the festival "Meyrіm", the museum festival "Smiles. Joy. Creation". What do children remember from museum tours? What exhibits do they like? The children told about it in their drawings; they expressed their feelings, emotions, mood, and their understanding of the museum. In each work, there is the effort of children, a part of their soul, the desire to express what they liked in the museum! ”

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During the exhibition, the children spoke about their drawings, read poems, sang their favorite songs. A cultural and entertainment program was also organized with the participation of animators. The exhibition is organized by the Department of Museum Pedagogy and Children's Creativity of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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