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On May 30, at 11 am to the 1 of June - International Children’s Day, the museum festival “ Smiles. Joy. Creativity” took place for children with special educational needs. In the program: a concert and a master class "Plasticine", "Intuitive Painting", "Draw Together", "Making Tumar (Amulet)" and "Creative MIX".

The main objectives of the event were: to promote the disclosure of the artistic potential of children with special educational needs and the development of their cognitive creative activity.

Children of the capital schools with inclusive education are invited to the museum holiday: schools - lyceums No. 71, 85, secondary schools No. 23, No. 68, the Public Association “Heritage”.

The concert included pupils of secondary school No. 68 Zhanerke Miralbay (poem by Magzhan Zhumabayev “ Jazǵyturym”), Aruzhan Akimkhan (song “ Aq áje”), pupil of secondary school No. 23, winner of the city selection round of the international festival “Zhuldyzai” - Daniyal Juasov (Italian the song “ Funiculì, Funiculà”), Adel Abdullina (kobyz, Zhayau Musa “ Aq sısa”) student of the school for gifted children at the Kazakh National University “Shabyt”; and a student of the gymnasium school No. 65, children's music school No. 3, laureate of national and international music competitions Valeria Khan (song “Astana ").

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Master Classes:

"Plasticine". A new kind of decorative and applied art. It is the creation of stucco paintings depicting more or less convex, semi-volumetric objects on a horizontal surface. The main material is plasticine; the main tool is the hands of a child.This technique is good because it is available to children with disabilities, allows them to quickly achieve the desired result and brings a novelty to the creativity of children. Plasticine contributes to the sensory coordination of children, develops the consistency of both hands, the muscular load on the fingers. In the course of the work, the children got acquainted with the means of artistic expression - proportions, volume, and color. The master class was conducted by a psychologist, art therapist Zhunusbekova Kuldrayhan Kanybekovna.

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“Intuitive Painting”. With water colors, children painted mandalas - sacred symbols that can help a person get closer to what they want. During the painting, the children plunged into the world of creativity, tranquility, harmony. Practice shows that drawing and coloring a mandala has a positive effect on the psyche: anxiety, uncertainty, sadness are overcome, a new look at oneself appears, new ideas come in, a way out of a difficult situation opens, awareness comes up, internal resources unfold, a state of rest comes and satisfaction. The master class was conducted by representatives of the Harmony Development Center: the organizer of the master classes “Wings - Zhampeisova Adiya Nurlanovna, the volunteer Bekturova Anel, the assistant Iskakov Chingiz.

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“Draw together”. The main goals: the development of the artistic and creative activities of the child, the teaching of children to express their life impressions, emotions, and ideas through an expressive image. In working with children used the method of color therapy. Together with the teacher, the children drew a beautiful butterfly filled with rainbow colors. Drawing contributes to the development of fine motor skills of the child's hands, spatial thinking and artistic taste. The master class was conducted by a researcher at the Exposition Department of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Perizat Suindikova.

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"Manufacture of Tumar". Weaving is a very ancient type of craft. Today, it is effectively used in children's creativity, contributing to the development of fine motor skills, which has a beneficial effect not only on the development of speech, but also in general, developing imagination. At the master class, children will create tumar (amulet) using the weaving method. The master class was conducted by Aigul Kemengerova, junior researcher of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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"Creative MIX". This is a fascinating master class that promotes the development of fine motor skills, imagination, and child's thinking. With the help of the application, the children created a colorful Kazakh national carpet, and also collected puzzles of vegetables and fruits. The master class was held by Kenzhegul Seitzhanova, a methodologist at the Department of Museum Pedagogy and Children's Creativity.


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