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Ethnography Hall located on the third floor of the National Museum is dedicated to the traditional culture of the Kazakh people and occupies the central place in the exhibition space.

Exposition hall is made as a complete familiarity with the traditional material and spiritual culture of the Kazakhs, their economic order, in which the overwhelming importance belonged to nomadic herding combined with settled agriculture, where demonstration of fishing and hunting objects reveals features of multifaceted economic and cultural lifestyle of the Kazakhs.

Traditional felt dwelling of portable type used by nomadic Kazakh people - киіз үй, displayed in the exposition, is one of the cultural dominants having absorbed all aspects of social, cultural, legal and regulatory forms of the society’s life. Spiritual culture of the Kazakh people is shown by objects of musical art, household and ritual culture, attributes of religious beliefs and practices.

Unique products of felt manufacture, bone-carving art, woodworking, tanning, weaving and carpet making, embroidery as well as works of ironmongery and jewellery clearly reflect the depth of knowledge and philosophical outlook of the Kazakh masters.

Ethnography hall is equipped with an innovative technique that allows showing material and spiritual culture of the Kazakh people. In the centre of the Hall above the киіз үй there is a projected effect of the sky, a circumferentially mounted circular screen (Circle Vision), which shows a video with images of a traditional village. These audio-visual techniques create the effect of reality and presence of a viewer in a Kazakh village under traditional natural landscape environment, and allow you to experience a sense of belonging to a priceless centuries-old culture of the Kazakh people.

In the hall a wall projector shows visuals of the culture and traditions of the Kazakh people, based on documentary photos and video footage. Visitor also can get complete information about the design and build order and installation of the traditional felted home from the video projected on the glass (Glass Vision). A special place in the exhibition hall is occupied by a hologram presenting the visitor a unique work of art of Kazakh masters. Four kiosks located in the hall provide background information on traditional dwelling of the Kazakh people - киіз үй, arts and crafts, traditional culture and traditional foods.

In such a way the exhibition hall shows the millennial distinctive Kazakh culture, embodied in a stable system of the nation’s material and spiritual values ​​that have survived to modern times.


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