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The history of human civilization keeps thousands of subjects concerning development of societies and nation states. Great empires collapsed, but in their place there appeared new born state that declared starting to develop rapidly.

In modern times on the wreckage of the Soviet Union there emerged young states. One of them is the Republic of Kazakhstan, which in a short historical period has achieved impressive economic success.

Today our country has set itself one of the most ambitious goals, i.e. joining the 30 developed countries. This target would be unthinkable without our common heritage - Independence. In this perspective the Hall of Independent Kazakhstan plays an important role in the visual demonstration of the achievements of the established Kazakhstan.

The Hall’s exposition is aimed at highlighting the historic role of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in establishing and strengthening the independent state, adoption of new attributes and symbols of the sovereign republic, demarcation and delimitation of the state border, maintaining the integrity and unity of the democratic state, recognition of Kazakhstan as an equal member of the international community.

The Hall reflects the history of independent Kazakhstan since the proclamation of the republic as an independent state in 1991 and until today. The exhibition presents the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan: the emblem, anthem, flag and Standard of the President, Kazakhstan’s Constitution adopted in 1995 and being the fundamental law of the Republic. A separate section is devoted to state awards of Kazakhstan - "Халық қаһарманы", "Парасат", "Алтын Қыран", "Отан", "Данқ" medals and etc. And there are also banknotes, types of passports and stamps issued in Kazakhstan.

In addition one can see the materials presented here, which show the development of economy, science and culture of the country today. Volume layouts of Proton-M rocket and KAZSAT-2 Kazakh satellite reflect the achievement and potential of Kazakhstan in the space industry.

The history of the country is being presented in wide and diversified thematic complexes. By utilizing the latest hardware thematic exposition complexes clearly show the path of Kazakhstan since becoming a new state, implementing political and economic reforms, construction of a new industry, foreign policy achievements, reforms in education and science, culture and sport.

Large LED-screens, touch screen kiosks display historical photographs and materials as well as infographics reflecting the implementation of all the Messages of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of foreign and domestic policy since independence. And traditionally the exhibition presents real and voluminous exhibits.


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