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Hall of Astana is a systematic collection of the most important legal acts, exhibits, documentary photo materials reflecting the history of Astana formation and development as the capital of independent Kazakhstan.

The materials are organized in the newsreel and documentary manner allowing us to trace the history of the city from antiquity to modern eraand placed in 9 Halls, 16 kiosks.

In the first «Ancient and Medieval history of the capital» showcase is given information about ancient settlement of Kazakhstan. The Middle Ages are presented by Bozok settlement – a monument functioned in Turkic and Kipshak epoch. Instead of modern Astana, Kazakh khanate (XV-XVII cc.) during the period of prosperity had a capital city Batygay.

The second showcase «Akmolinsk in XIX-XX centuries» introduces with the history of Akmolinsk city in the second half of 19th century: erection of a military fortress Akmolinsk is an important economical centre; Akmolinsk is an arena of political struggle; Akmolinsk during the World War II; Tselinograd is a capital of virgin lands; Capitals of Kazakhstan.

The third showcase «Astana is a new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan» is devoted to the attainment of independence, return of historical names, moving of the capital from Almaty to Astana, and adoption of symbols of Astana city.

In the forth «Architectural look of the capital» showcase are described about a role of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in shaping the modern architectural look of Astana city, about international contest on design-idea of building of Astana city, about projects of domestic and foreign architects.

In the fifth «Economy, industry and transport» showcase is given full presentation about economy of Astana city. This is the creation of a special economic zone «Astana is a new city», innovations and mechanical engineering, consumer and food industry, construction industry, transport and communication, public services, trade and nutrition.

The sixth «Education, public health service, culture and religion» showcase describes about Astana as a spiritual centre, advancement of education, science and culture. There is presented a medical cluster equipped with the latest technology.

In the seventh «Sport» showcase are presented materials from Asiada (7th Asian Winter Games), data on sports facilities in town, materials about professional teams and athletes of Astana.

The eighth «Greenbelt» showcase tells about initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on creation of «Greenbelt» around Astana, landscaping capital program, concept of transition of the Republic Kazakhstan to «green economy».

About international recognition of Astana city tell photo documentary materials and exhibits in the ninth «Astana in the centre of international, world and Eurasian policy» showcase.

In Astana take place the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, Astana Economic Forum, and other internationally significant events.

In Astana were held historical OSCE Summit, anniversary summits of SCO and OIC. In the beginning of 2011 capital city accepted participants and guests of VII Asian Winter Games. In 2017 will be arranging the EXPO-2017.

The capital is in friendly and twin-city relations with more than twenty cities around the world. In July of 1999 Astana was handed UNESCO Award "Cities for Peace."

Since 2000, the main city of Kazakhstan is a member of the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities.

In a short time the new capital, which was born by the First President of Kazakhstan, acquired the status of a national idea, became a symbol of independence and the global success of the young state.


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