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On 15 January 2019, photo exhibition, entitled “Spring Festival” was held by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Spring Festival is a celebration of nature, a praise  of spring, life and hope.For thousands of years from generation to generation, the Chinese people, in their free from hard working  in the field, at the junction of winter and spring, accompanied the old and met the new, thanked  Mother Nature for their gifts, looked forward to a natural renewal and asked for a rich harvest.

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Deputy  Director of the National Museum of  the Republic of Kazakhstan Abai Satubaldin: “For several years, literally from the opening, the National Museum has been working closely with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the field of museum affairs. And again, in the new year of  2019, we are present at the opening of the photo exhibition  “Spring Festival”, the holiday of harmony, in which lies the universal hope for peace, happiness and peace. I am sure that our cooperation in the field of culture and museum will have further continuation. Thank you Mr. Ambassador for the wonderful exhibition. ”

The Spring Festival reflects the close connection between Chinese civilization and nature and also embodies the natural features of the culture of this holiday.15-01-2019-3

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador  of the People's Republic of China to Kazakhstan Mr. Zhang Xiao: “Dear friends, this exhibition is dedicated to the Chinese New Year, Chun Jie  -  Spring Festival. The history of Chun Jie is more than four thousand years old; it is one of the most beloved, solemn and longest celebrations. The photos presented at this exhibition will show you how to celebrate Spring Festival Chun Jie in other countries of the world.” This exhibition has collected 120 wonderful moments of joy from people from five continents of the world during the Spring Festival. As a celebration of nature, family and harmony, the Spring Festival includes ideas such as joy, solemnity and family unity, common to all peoples of the world, including Chinese.


The exhibition will last until February 15, 2019.



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