Audio guide


The audio guide — the sound record used for unassisted acquaintance to an exposition of the museum.  It is the special device representing a portable digital audio player. 



For the museums audio guides are one of services for visitors.

The audio guide consists of several audio fragments. They are numbered and become attached to the scheme (card) of the museum, or to numbers of exhibits.  If the audio guide assumes the coherent and finished story from fragments, it also call audio excursion.

Audio guides are widespread abroad, more and more they appear also in Russia. The audio guide used in our museum – the first in Kazakhstan for today.



The audio guide will specify to you the excursion direction; having received detailed descriptions of exhibits, it will allow examining independently expositions of the National museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, moreover, the historical and culturological information.

In our museum you can choose language of reproduction of audio excursion: Kazakh, Russian or English.