"XXI century - the century of culture, science and knowledge.

The source of all knowledge - the book".


The Book Fund of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan was created in 2014. In the current period the library’s collection includes more than 1,000 books and is constantly updated with various unique materials. 

The basis of the Book Fund are books transferred in the framework of the program "Madeni mura", from the Depository of the Ministry of culture and sports.

A significant contribution to the acquisition of the library of the Museum was made of the National academic library, the National library of the RK, library art gallery "Astana", publishing house "Business world". Cultural and scientific institutions of Kazakhstan was given to the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan published books and other materials describing the cultural, economic and social life of Kazakhstan and other countries. So, by the Institute of History and Ethnology of Ch.Ch. Valikhanov and Kazakh scientific-research Institute of culture in the library of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan were given a rare historical books. 


The library is filled with magazines and newspapers "Egemen Kazakhstan", "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Vremiya", "Zhas Alash", "Liter", "Aykin", "Ana tili", "Turki alemy", "Kazakh literature", "World Museum", "Museum", "Questions of history", "Kazakh tarikhy", "Astana", "Abai", "Messengers of ancient stories", "The Creativity of the peoples of the world".

Currently, the Book Fund of the Museum is actively replenished by partnerships Museum with many cultural, educational, scientific institutions of the city and region, as well as through the acquisition of relevant publications through bookselling network, publishing departments Kazakhstan museums.

Library of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the most important component in the information system of the Museum.

Unique Books Renew the Library of the National Museum