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The founder and the main organizer of the Festival is the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The sponsors are Public Foundation “Assyl Bala”, LLP “Stolichnaya Steklopaketnaya Kompaniya”, “Brainz” advertisement agency, “Dzhemka” cookery, Store “Okean vkusa”, LLP “Vitabottlers Kazakhstan”. The co-organizers are the Public Foundation “Solnechnyi Mir”, Public Association “Heritage”, Public Association “Spinabifida”. The volunteers are specialists of the Rehabilitation Center “Qassietti zhol”, the members of the “Zhas Otan” youth wing of the “Nur Otan” party.

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The main objectives of the festival: the creation of an inclusive creative space for children with special educational needs, contributing to the disclosure of their creative potential, the development of talents, the preparation of children for an independent life in an inclusive society in the spirit of understanding, tolerance, respect for differences; Consolidation of the public in addressing the problems of socio-cultural adaptation of children with special educational needs.

Deputy Director of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abay Satubaldin, speaking at the opening of the event, said: “This festival has been organized since last year, and this year is held for the second time. The event is organized to develop the creative abilities of children with special educational needs and to provide them with support. During the festival, children will be able to participate in various master classes chosen by them. I am sure that the children will enjoy the event, I wish the guests of the festival good luck and success. ”

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The festival was held in the format of developing master classes. In which 100 children aged 7-18 years with special educational needs took part and their usual peers from the following institutions: Special boarding school № 1 of Akimat of the city Nur-Sultan, Special school of № 2 of Akimat of the city Nur-Sultan, schools of gymnasium № 10, № 65, № 83, and also children from the Public Foundations “Solnechnyi Mir” and “Society “Spinabifida ”, Public Association“ Heritage”.

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According to the festival program the exhibition of children's drawings “Understanding of Museum” and 7 master classes: “Painting with Wool: Felt”, “The Art of National Ornament”, “Making Tumar”, “Paul Cezanne. Landscape with plasticine", "Clay Therapy", "Draw Together", "Intuitive Painting" were held. At the master-classes, the children themselves have made rainbow pictures of wool, bright felt carpets, tumar, created pictorial landscapes of plasticine, and geometric figures of clay. In addition, a cultural and entertainment program was organized with the participation of animators. Each child was presented with a letter of thanks and a gift.

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