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Graphics in the work of Alibek Koylakaev has acquired a deep, completely unexpected sounding, where the main emotional load is carried by the line that forms spatial relationships, determines the plasticity of the form, reveals accents and creates mood. The composition is dominated by the harmony of tone and lines, the stroke is located in a certain dynamic form, building the exact outlines of the image. The artist leaves the surface of the paper visible, without destroying the plane of the tinted sheet, to show the depth of the conventional space of the world, where it can become a sign, a symbol of something more than a simple sheet.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Director of the National Museum of Kazakhstan Almaz Nurazkhan said: “Alibek is a talented artist. He is close to the Turkic peoples with all his soul, although he does not live in our country. He deeply perceives and promotes the history of both the Kazakh and Nogai peoples, which are rooted in a single Turkic people, and the consonance of the cultures of the fraternal peoples became the basis of his work. I am also very pleased that the National Museum opens an exhibition of a young talented artist. I wish Alibek creative successes. Let today's exhibition at the National Museum be the beginning of the conquest of the main museums of the world! ”

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Before depicting someone from the heroes of antiquity, the author analyzes, compares different ideas about their images through scientific articles, books and chronicles. In the film “Kultegin” the glorified heroic Turkic leader looks very confident and militant. The artist amazingly deeply managed to convey the inner essence of a brilliant warrior, who always leads his army to victory. In the composition with the piercing name “Grief”, the warrior sits in a tragic pose and mourns his fallen comrades. An intense expression develops inside the bent, depressed silhouette of a man. The effect of mourning is achieved through the use of a diagonal strip depicting a battlefield. It resembles a split earth in the form of an abyss, which takes away life.

Yessen Yeleuken, President of the Republican youth public association “Union of KVN of Kazakhstan”, commander of the Order Kurmet also congratulated the artist: “I know Alibek very well. I was visiting him, in his home village in Dagestan. We know that the Nogai people are very close to the Kazakhs, we are like brothers. Nogai history is Kazakh history, Nogai culture is Kazakh culture, Nogai epics are the same Kazakh epics. These peoples can not be considered separately. Those things that are in the work of Alibek, there is in the history of the Kazakhs, in fact, the Kazakhs. Therefore, it can be safely called the Kazakh artist. We have long dreamed of this exhibition. In the future, the author plans to visit all the cities of Kazakhstan with an exhibition. Let all your creative ideas come true, and always good luck. ”

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The works of Alibek Koylakaev are verified, calculated and filled with a deep sense of admiration for their characters, directing the viewer to a certain line of perception of works. In his work, he introduces the signs of a specific historical time, with the main focus on the psychological state of the characters. The artist gives a non-traditional philosophical, moral and ethical interpretation of the depicted images and events. Each work feels thoughtful and gaze of the artist in modern times. He not only sensitively remembers the memory of centuries and sharply reacts to modern events, to the drama of historical phenomena, but also connects different eras into one chain of development of his people, his country.

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The exhibition will run until May 15, 2019.


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